Missions is an important facet of the work of the local church. At First Baptist, we believe that we should not only endeavor to evangelize the people of our own communities but also to be involved in missions work around the world. While we may not be able to physically travel to distant countries and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we can have an impact in other ways. We believe we can have a part in missions by faithfully and monetarily supporting dedicated individuals with a zeal and hunger to see people's lives changed through the power of God's Word. Not all of our missionaries are working on foreign fields, some are church planters and pastors here in the United States. Listed below are the missionaries that we faithfully support.

"God isn't looking for people of great faith, but for individuals ready to follow Him" - Hudson Taylor

While giving is integral to the work of missions, we believe the greatest need and the greatest aspect is prayer. Our hope is that as you look at our missionaries, that you would pray for God to protect, provide, and encourage these committed servants of the Lord. If we can answer any questions regarding our missions program at First Baptist Church, please email us using the button below. 

Pray for our Missionary of the Week:

Christian & Shawna Hendrick

These faithful missionaries are serving the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo! For more information visit their Facebook page for updates and news. Click the button below!



Kevin & Mary Brunner

The Brunners are faithfully sharing the gospel in the needful country of the Philippines. To find out more about these servants of the Lord, click on the button below! 


Joel & Chona Basilan

These missionaries serve in the country of Taiwan with their two daughters, Shekinah and Elikah. To find out more about this missionary family, click the button below! 

Jim & Phyllis Childress

The Childress have been propagating the truth of Jesus Christ in the nation of Panama. To read more about their work, click on the button below!

Tom & Janice Crawford

The Crawfords serve the Lord by proclaiming the truth of God's Word and the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in the country of Indonesia. For more on the Crawford's prayer letters and updates on their website, click on the button below!


Robert & Margie Engelhart

The Engelharts are a faithful missionary couple serving in the Ivory Coast of West Africa. To know more about their ministry and view their profiles, click on the button below! 

Arnold & Mary Rose Espino 

The Espinos along with their two daughters, Michelle Anne and Rachelle Anne, serve in the nation of Vietnam. They are striving to reach the Vietnamese people with the Gospel! Click on the button below for some more information!

Willie & Sandy Falk

This missionary couple is serving the Lord in the country of Germany! Click on the button below to find out more of their history and current ministry!

Felicidad & Rhodora Felicilda 

This missionary couple is serving together to reach the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo. For more information, click the button below!

Max & Debbie Harmon

These longstanding missionaries are spreading the Gospel in the South American country of Peru. To learn more of their work, see photos, and read their biographies, click on the button below to be directed to their website! 

Pete & Joy Raymond 

The Raymonds are serving the Lord in the country of Mexico. They also are involved in a children's home ministry along with fellow nationals. To enquire more about the children's home, view their Facebook page by clicking the button below!

Don & Jill Vanderhoof

The Vanderhoofs are serving together in Europe in the nation of Germany! To read articles, view pictures, and browse their website, click on the button below! 

John Yingling Sr.

Dr. Yingling is the General Director of Baptist International Outreach. To visit their website and learn more about BIO, click on the button below!

Ken & Jeanne Foster 

The Fosters are working with a new church plant in Antioch, Illinois. Bro. Ken Foster is the pastor of Antioch Baptist Church and to visit their website, click the button below!

Nathan & Dana Barber

The Barbers have started a church plant in Shorewood, Illinois. They have five children: Nathan Jr., Micah, Gracelyn, Charity, and Emma. To visit the website of Shorewood Baptist Church or for more information about Pastor Barber and his family, click on the button below!

Ed & Joyce Watke

These servants of God serve with the "Revival in the Home Ministries." To learn more about their ministry and to visit their website full of resources and helpful materials, click the button below!